Barcode Technologies and Services (BTS) offers a variety of consulting services that will improve your label-making and bar coding operation. With years of practical experience in engineering, manufacturing, quality, marketing, human resources and more, we’re able to approach your issues from a broad business perspective. We assess everything—your printer technology and how it’s being used, the people operating the equipment, the supplies being used, label software design influences and the general environment—to uncover issues, recommend improvements, and help solve your label-making and bar coding problems. If, at any time, you’re not completely satisfied, BTS will not charge you for the service.

Solutions Engineering/Problem Solving:

  • Analyze label-making challenges/problems, including print quality problems, label design issues with current software, interpretation and implementation of new industry specifications, etc.
  • Develop and implement solutions

Application Design and Implementation:

  • Review requirements
  • Determine best label format / approach
  • Determine data sources and integrate them into the label design
  • Recommend best label material, printer technology, speed settings, etc.
  • Implement technology and procedures


  • Verification training, including ANSI and traditional specification trainingLabel software installation and training
  • Printer operation and maintenance training, including setting up and training operators to use proper maintenance and operational procedures

Verification Services:

  • Determine each customer’s verification requirements
  • Set up verification processes and procedures
  • Select the proper equipment
  • Train personnel on industry standards …… ANSI and traditional specifications
  • Train personnel on proper use of equipment and interpretation of results
  • Analyze current quality levels including influences and causes of quality problems

Procedures Development:

  • Establish proper label-making operating procedures
  • Develop procedures for the care, maintenance and operation of barcode equipment
  • Document existing processes for ISO 9000 and QS 9000 requirements and identify areas for process improvements