Labeling Managment

Barcode Technologies & Services (BTS) has tested and worked with a variety of popular label software offerings over the years. When selecting label management solutions to distribute to our customers, we evaluate not only the specific technologies, but also vendor philosophies, visions, and support infrastructures. This practice enables us to identify and provide some of the most comprehensive and versatile labeling management software solutions on the market today. 

We stand ready to supply comprehensive labeling management software, or we can support a customer’s existing software as well if they prefer a different solution.

How Barcode Technologies & Services Labeling Management Can Help

At BTS, our labeling management software options have been been specifically developed with versatility in mind. This enables us to tailor features and capabilities to the unique needs of any given application. Our software was developed to support the needs of a constantly evolving marketplace, including features such as:

  • Label design. The most basic feature of any labeling management software, label design capabilities enable users to create and print new label designs.
  • Document management. These features grant the ability to design, review, approve, and control labeling from a centralized database. 
  • Manual printing. Our cloud-based printing system allows users to deploy and manage label printing applications across multiple sites, third-party suppliers, and vendors with a single click.
  • Integrated printing. Label printing may be integrated with SAP or other business software systems to increase label accuracy, enhance printing efficiency, and provide a single source of truth for labeling data.

As with all our products, BTS supports our customers before, during, and after product purchase. Our customer service team is always here to troubleshoot or help you address any issues that may arise. 

Depending on the intended use case, we typically select between two excellent label management software products: BarTender from Seagull Scientific or NiceLabel. Though custom scripting is available for unique circumstances, both solutions offer a broad range of features and capabilities straight off the shelf, enabling many users to implement them without additional modifications. We’ve found about 15–20% of customers will require some type of custom script, and the team at BTS can easily handle any necessary adjustments. 

Label Management Software From Barcode Technologies & Services

At Barcode Technologies & Services, we understand every facet of barcoding and label printing. With decades of experience in the printing sector, we understand how to support each customer from initial contact through product selection, purchasing, and beyond. We’ve developed a reputation for doing whatever it takes a make a customer whole. 

For more information about our label management software options and capabilities, please contact us or request a quote.