Printers & Accessories

Barcode Technologies & Services (BTS) has been a reliable provider of cost-effective barcode and label printing products and services since 1993. We have extensive experience providing solutions for a diverse range of customers, and our expertise enables us to identify and provide the most economical solution for any application. We prioritize customer service and satisfaction in every interaction and have developed a strong reputation for doing whatever it takes to support our customers.

With BTS, there’s no risk of getting stuck with the wrong printer. From years of practical experience, we’ve learned the ins and outs of most printer technologies and manufacturers, and we know how to select the best printing equipment for any situation.

What Barcode Technologies & Services Has to Offer

BTS selected Zebra as our primary printing solution because of their equipment durability, wide choice of different printer models, ease of maintenance, service parts availability, superior support, and reasonable pricing. If, however, you’re unable to use Zebra printers for any reason, BTS will work with you to determine the appropriate printer technology and then supply it to you. We have access to any printer offered in the marketplace today.

We understand that many providers have access to the same portfolio of printers we do, but our customer-centric values set us apart from the competition. We use a critical thinking approach with every customer to determine their exact needs and specifications, enabling us to identify the printer that will best suit their needs. The appropriate printer for your environment is determined based on numerous application considerations, including:

  • Office or industrial use
  • Need for light, medium, or heavy duty printing capabilities
  • Desktop or portable
  • Label material (direct thermal paper, thermal transfer paper, tag stock, film materials)
  • Operational environment
  • Skill level of operator/operators using equipment
  • System and application requirements

We can deliver most printers and accessories within 1–2 business days. 

Printer Capabilities

We offer printers suitable for use with a variety of materials, including direct thermal papers, thermal transfer papers, and film materials (polypropylene, polyolefin, polyester). Each printer make and model will have media specifications that may vary to some degree. Media thickness and width capabilities are entirely dependent on the printer manufacturer and model. 

The maximum media thickness in most printers is within 0.010 – 0.012 mils, while the maximum width allowance for print materials ranges from 2 inches up to 8 inches. It’s important to understand the intended use cases for the printer during the selection process to ensure that the appropriate model is chosen. At BTS, our skilled staff can help customers find the most appropriate and cost-effective printer for any job.

Accessories & Services

As an end-to-end barcode and label printing solutions provider, BTS offers an extensive portfolio of accessories and printing consumables. By providing one-stop shopping for our customers, we help avoid the hassles involved with juggling multiple vendors. Some of our most popular printing accessories and consumables include:

  • Applicators
  • Barcode scanners/readers
  • Custom machinery/components
  • Dispensers
  • Labels
  • Labelers
  • Label rewinds and unwinders
  • Tags
  • Ribbons
  • Software

Our knowledgeable staff can also assist you with other important printing considerations, such as:

  • Installation
  • Orientation of barcodes
  • Printer speed settings for each application
  • Printer heat settings depending on specific application
  • Ribbon selection
  • Service and maintenance
  • Training
  • Dedication to Quality

Nearly every printer manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for printers, and a year or less for accessories. We stand out from our competitors because we go above and beyond the factory warranty to take on the problems of our customers and get them fixed. If we can’t fix the issue ourselves, we will handle the warranty claim with the manufacturer on your behalf. We’ll also provide a free loaner printer so that operations may continue while the warranty claim or printer repair is in progress. 

We stand by our reputation for quality. If a printer develops an unusual error that can’t be fixed, we’ll replace it at no cost. Our 90-day guarantee lets you return any printer for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. We also offer competitively priced service and maintenance on all printers, and our supplies customers receive special program and service rates on their printers.

Printers and Accessories From Barcode Technologies & Services

Barcode Technologies and Services (BTS) specializes in providing and servicing desktop and portable printers used for printing labels, including barcode labels. We also have refurbished printers available for customers on a budget. To see how we can enhance your printing capabilities, please contact us, or request a quote.