Barcode Technologies

Barcode Technologies and Services (BTS) specializes in providing and servicing desktop and portable printers used for printing labels, including barcode labels. We also offer related accessories, such as label rewinders, unwinders and dispensers.

With BTS, there’s no risk of getting stuck with the wrong printer. From years of practical experience, we’ve learned the ins and outs of most printer technologies and manufacturers. BTS selected Zebra as its primary printing solution because of its durability, wide choice of different printer models, ease of maintenance, service parts availability, superior support and reasonable pricing. If, however, you’re unable to work with Zebra printers, BTS will work with you to determine the appropriate printer technology and then supply it to you (we have access to any printer offered in the marketplace today).

BTS will take the time to assess your particular needs and recommend the most suitable printer solution. Our 90-day guarantee lets you return any printer for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. We also offer competitively priced service on all printers. And supplies customers receive special program and service rates on their printers.

The appropriate printer for your environment is determined based on a number of the application considerations including:
  • Office or industrial use
  • Need for light, medium or heavy duty printer/printers
  • Desktop or portable
  • Label material: direct thermal paper, thermal transfer paper, tag stock and various film materials, such as polyesters
  • Operational environment
  • Printer operator/operators using equipment
  • System and application requirements


BTS’ knowledgeable staff can also assist you with other important printing considerations, including:
  • Ribbon selection
  • Printer speed settings for each application
  • Printer heat settings depending on specific application
  • Orientation of barcodes
  • Service
  • Training